The STEP Python API is distributed on the Python Package Index (PyPI) as the steptools package, which you can install with pip as shown below. Binary distributions for Windows, Linux, and Mac are available.

> pip install steptools

We are releasing this package with a license that allows anyone to read models at least until the end of 2023. Authoring operations require a STEP Tools license key.

Import Module

The interface is given by the step module. This defines the high level API classes and the low level data classes. In your code, simply import this from the steptools package as shown:

from steptools import step

For more concise programming, you may also want to alias the high-level API classes as follows:

from steptools.step import AptAPI as apt
from steptools.step import ToleranceAPI as tol

License Keys

The extension can also be used to author new models, but this requires a separate license key, requested via the following form:

The form needs the hostid of your machine, which you can find with the following snippet of python code. You can find more information about keys and instructions for installing them here.

from steptools import step
print ("Hostid: ", step.key_hostid())

Hostid:  123abcde