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st-announce [archives] [join/leave] Low volume announcements from STEP Tools, Inc. for major happenings and other items of special note.

Lists for ISO standards development and implementation

(WG15 for Digital Manufacturing)
[archives] [join/leave] Technical discussions for the ISO TC185/SC4/WG15 Digital Manufacturing Working Group. This was previously a team (T23) of TC184/SC4/WG3.
wg11 [archives] [join/leave] Technical discussions for ISO TC184/SC4 Working Group 11, which covers the EXPRESS modeling language, STEP file formats and APIs, and conformance testing methods.
wg11-owl [archives] [join/leave] Discussions on use of OWL in SC4 projects. Initiated by a resolution at 2005 Lillehammer meeting: "SC4 requests WG11 to conduct a review of the deployment of OWL technology in SC4, with contributions from the other WGs, and make recommendations for its consistent use.

Archives of inactive lists.

express-x (inactive) [archives] -- Discussion of the EXPRESS-X Language.
step-building (inactive) [archives] -- Technical discussions of the Building and Construction team (T22) OF TC184/SC4/WG3.
step-imp (inactive) [archives] -- Technical discussions of the TC184/SC4 Implementors Forum for implementors of STEP, PLIB and MANDATE. No longer hosted here, but we maintain an archive of past material.
wg10 (inactive) [archives] -- Discussions of ISO TC184/SC4 Working Group 10, which dealt with technical architecture of the STEP, PLIB and MANDATE standards projects. No longer active, but we maintain the discussion archives.