Digital Thread Server

Contact us to arrange a Digital Twin Server demonstration with live machining.

When not running a live as-machined demo, the servers below will often be running simulations of as-planned processes that you can explore.

Digital Thread Server

AP242 Tolerances and PMI

AP242 Geometry Viewing

These examples show the latest digital inspection server, with 3D geometry viewing on almost any device capable of browsing the web- including desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and even some modern HMI consoles.

Older WebGL Demos

These examples show early WebGL viewing of STEP assemblies that we built around 2012 for the DARPA-sponsored National Simulation Service, that has

Look at our digital thread work for the latest capabilities. Our latest digital thread server is a dynamic server that produces smaller JSON on the fly, allows greater interaction with the STEP data, and uses modern responsive frameworks for better display on mobile.