AP-238 CC1 Testing for 5-Axis Machining

On February 3rd, 2005 the OMAC STEP-NC Working Group hosted an AP-238 testing forum in Orlando Florida. The tests were done on 5-axis parts using AP-238 CC1 machine independent toolpaths. In addition to showing CAD/CAM systems producing AP-238 and CNCs processing it, the following talks were given.

The Details

Four CAD/CAM systems produced AP-238 machining programs for milling a 5-Axis test part (an NAS 979 circle/diamond/square with an inverted NAS 979 cone test in the center). Each of these was then run on a pair of CNCs configured for completely different machine geometries (AB tool tilt vs. BC table tilt).

In addition to the activities in Florida, Boeing cut actual parts on a variety of machines at the Tulsa facility as well as a machine at NIST in Gaithersburg.

These are two of the machined circle/diamond/square and sample aerospace parts produced during the tests. The walls of the sample aerospace part may look vertical but actually have subtle 1-2 degree inclinations that require 5-axis machining. In addition there are several holes in the walls that must be drilled at odd angles.

Opening remarks by Sid Venkatesh of Boeing.
His opening slides. [PPT, 60k].
Chen-Han Lee of Unigraphics exporting an AP-238 machining program for the 5-axis test part from UGS/NX.
John Witko of General Dynamics Land Systems preparing to export an AP-238 machining program from GibbsCAM.
Dave Loffredo of STEP Tools loading an AP-238 machining program into the Siemens 840D and FANUC 30i controls.