Deep Roots in BIM

Since the earliest days of the IFC standard, the STEP Tools® software solution has been the most reliable, best performing, easiest to use, and most broadly supported solution for exchanging BIM data.

We have decades of experience building solutions used within BIM systems for translation, bill-of-materials applications, and visualization.


Our technology stack is behind the IFC interfaces in the largest commercial BIM systems, as well as in-house enterprise applications. This broad comercial use has tuned our solutions for performance, stability, and scalability. Our tools cover all aspects of the IFC standards — geometry, assemblies and bill-of-materials, as well as related steel standards like CIS/2.

We can deliver solutions on many platforms and in many programming environments. We typically work on Windows, Mac, and Linux, but have also delivered tools for HP-UX, AIX, Itanium, and Solaris. Much of our technology stack is C++, but we can also provide tools usable from .NET C# or Visual Basic, Node, a server-based REST API, desktop tools, or batch applications.


Common licensing options may cover internal use within an enterprise, external use by your customers from a central server, or distribution by an ISV as part of a desktop application. Terms vary depending on the application and expected usage.


STEP Tools® consulting can tailor a software solution for your specific needs. The deliverable will include software library components from our technology stack, and any additional work necessary to adapt it to your specific platform or project needs.

Sample Solutions

Geometric Translation

Our technology stack includes capabilities for reading, writing and manipulating IFC data files, and is used within many BIM systems for IFC import and export. We can also automate many details for moving between versions (IFC2x3, IFC2x3, IFC4) with greater ease!

Assembly and Bill-Of-Materials

Our technology stack also works well with the many relationships, properties, and building elements, structural, electrical, HVAC, and building controls information. Create or navigate the property pages, grouping, and nesting of object within a BIM model.


A viewing solution will convert the exact CAD spatial structure information within IFC models into triangular meshes suitible for graphics display with OpenGL, WebGL, etc. The solution might involve desktop viewing or may include a server and 3D display in browsers and mobile devices.