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T24 group photo at Boeing Renton facility. Behind the group is a Northwood BC gantry router with a hybrid STEP-NC control made by Fanuc that was used to manufacture the "Moldy" part held by Martin Hardwick.

Meeting Attendees from left to right: 1) Chris Stedman (Boeing), 2) Eric Tingle (Mitutoyo), 3) Sid Venkatesh (Boeing), 4) Barry Saylor (Micro Encoder), 5) Magnus Lundgren (KTH), 6) David Odendahl (Boeing), 7) Mikael Hedlind (KTH), 8) Martin Hardwick (STEP Tools), 9) Frederick Proctor (National Institute of Standards and Technology), 10) Ben Baca (Puget Sound Naval Shipyard), 11) Rick Woods (Helical Solutions LLC), 12) Lynn Frei (Puget Sound Naval Shipyard), 13) Jim Alfred (Application Specialties), 14) Dave Lawrence (Puget Sound Naval Shipyard), 15) Brian Kindilien (CCAT), 16) Longxiang Yang (GE Fanuc Automation), 17) Rich Morihara (Boeing).