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Meeting attendees displaying eight of the "Moldy" parts outside of the Micro Encoder facility on the second day of the meeting.

From left to right: 1) Michael Nahum (Micro Encoder) 2) Eric Tingle (Mitutoyo), 3) Barry Saylor (Micro Encoder) 4) Dahai Yu (Micro Encoder), 5) Gary Olson (Micro Encoder), 6) Longxiang Yang (GE Fanuc Automation), 7) Sid Venkatesh (Boeing), 8) David Odendahl (Boeing), 9) Lynn Frei (Puget Sound Naval Shipyard), 10) Brian Kindilien (CCAT), 11) Ben Baca (Puget Sound Naval Shipyard), 12) Frederick Proctor (National Institute of Standards and Technology), 13) Magnus Lundgren (KTH), 14) Mikael Hedlind (KTH), 15) Casey Emtman (Micro Encoder), 16) Rich Morihara (Boeing), 17) Leon Xu (Boeing), 18) Scott Harsila (Micro Encoder), 19) Dave Lawrence (Puget Sound Naval Shipyard), 20) Martin Hardwick (STEP Tools).