Frequently Asked Questions

Compiled by Dr. Martin Hardwick
Updated: August 2006

STEP-NC defines a new bi-directional interface between CAM and CNC systems. The interface allows much richer data to be passed into CNC systems making them easier to program and operate. STEP-NC inter-operability testing between CAM and CNC systems is ongoing and many software vendors, job shops and manufacturers want to learn more about this important technology so we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.

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Questions about STEP and STEP-NC International Data Standards

Questions about Manufacturing Data Standards

Questions about producing parts using STEP-NC

Questions about STEP Application Protocols

Questions about how STEP-NC works with other Protocols

Questions about how STEP-NC will impact the Manufacturing Industry

Questions about STEP-NC Features and Capabilities

Questions about Possible Technical Issues

Questions about Conformance Classes