Dave Loffredo

Version 20 Software Released!

STEP Tools® Developer version 20 is now available, with support for the latest STEP AP242, STEP-NC AP238, and IFC 2x3 models. Our IFC mesher now supports CSG booleans and Voids relations for window and door cutouts. Plus new Visual Studio 2022 support, Mach-O universal libraries for ARM and Intel on MacOS, and Linux compiler support for all distros currently in LTS back to RHEL7.

ISO published the third edition of STEP AP242 at the end of 2022, and our v20 libraries are ready for the latest full-fidelity semantic tolerances, tesselated models and point cloud data, as well as the CAD assemblies with full-fidelity brep solid geometry that made STEP indispensable since 1995.

2022 also brought a third edition of STEP-NC AP238, with new digital twin manufacturing, machine tool kinematics, integration with AP242, and machining process enhancements. Our STEP-NC libraries rapidly respond to our customer needs with 30-40 point releases every year, process integration by machine tool vendors, and a material removal simulator most recently used in robotic drill-and-fill tests.

Our IFC libraries handle the latest IFC 4x3, with continued automatic migration of older IFC4 and IFC 2x3 data, and new APIs for working with spatial assemblies. Our IFC mesher now computes boolean removals and voids, and ready to reduce the cost of construction by allowing building projects to be assembled digitally for testing before delivery.

IFC Building with Transparency

IFC Building

The STEP Tools® libraries power commercial CAD, analysis, and visualization systems and this latest release brings sematic tolerances, new geometry, STEP-NC manufacturing, and building information models to the fastest and most reliable libraries for making, using, and manipulating STEP, STEP-NC, IFC, and CIS/2.

The release notes for v20 have much more information about the libraries and new features! Our knowledge of these standards is unmatched across the industry. Whatever your goal, we provide the tools that you can rely on to reach it.

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