International STEP-NC Demonstrations

Since 2000, the STEP Manufacturing team (ISO TC184 SC4 WG3 T24) has been hosting a continuous series of technology demonstrations to verify the standard, drive implementations of STEP-NC machine controls and give organizations experience with the STEP-NC standard. The lessons learned in these demonstrations are fed back into the ISO working group for use in future editions of STEP-NC AP238 standard.

The first demonstrations were held by STEP Tools, Inc. as part of the Super Model project. These focused on higher level operations as well as integration of STEP CAD data with STEP-NC process data and provided important feedback while the standard was being drafted.

The later demonstrations have been hosted by ISO STEP-Manufacturing. They have attracted a wide range of industrial participants and focused on deployment, machining interoperability, integrated machining and measurement, optimization, and simulation.

STEP-NC demonstrations so far: